What is sustainability?

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, sustainability means that it can be maintained over a long period of time. without depleting resources or causing serious damage to the environment.

Likewise, sustainability is the development features that ensure the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

Since the beginning of our activity 3 years ago and as a result of our passion for the sea and the environment, we want to make everyone who passes through our School aware of the benefits, both internal and external, of doing good for our Planet, because as the Ecomar Foundation says we have to take care of the only two places we can never move from: our body and our Planet.

Why is it important?

Generally in the day to day we do not give importance to it, we are involved with 1,000,000 things that keep us entertained and we do not worry about what is really important: the place where we live.

It is important to raise awareness and educate children about caring for their bodies and the environment. That is why, day by day, we strive to transmit these values, bringing children closer to the sea. It is incredible to see how in two hours they are able to change their way of thinking and then transmit it to their environment.

We develop our activity with an educational and pedagogical purpose, mainly focused on interacting with the youngest and welcoming all those who want to join us in our commitment to care for the environment.

Solidarity, Sustainability, Sport, Healthy Living and Environmental Awareness are our pillars and around them we work with the ambition to develop actions and programmes with a positive and relevant social impact.

Actions and collaborations?

At Blue Circle, aware of the importance of doing our bit, we carry out, together with the Ecomar Foundation, Club Náutico Campoamor, Orihuela Town Hall, Decathlon la Zenia, Agua NEA and all those who join the "Blue Movement" for the environment on a daily basis, workshops, initiatives, actions and above all experiences of waste collection on beaches and adjacent areas so that as far as possible they do not reach the sea and we set an example to others to do their bit.



Don't forget that at Blue Circle we are an approved battery collection centre in the area. 

If you have old piles at home that you see every day (and they look at you), come by our premises and we will give you a collector. 

When you fill it up, bring it with you and we will give you a can of cool NEA Water to compensate for the effort of the summer heat and thus contribute to the regeneration of the coral reef.

Thank you very much for letting us help to take care of the Planet !!!